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Your thread intrigued me, so I did a googgle search and found some PRAVDA articles (which I now reject) and found this one written by a woman in 10/04 on her trip in 01/04, in which she photographed the ritual. It's very interesting, although by this article and photographs alone, I could not say it really happened they way she said it did.


an excerpt: "On the second attempt, I capture it on film. Once again, the stone leaps skywards well beyond the men’s fingertips, spins and, as they dodge out of the way, it crashes to earth."

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Levitating Stones of Shivapur 452 Graham Langdon 28-Oct-04 01:31
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The Jarl movies 158 Kees 28-Oct-04 20:19
Re: Levitating Stones of Shivapur 182 SphinxGirl 28-Oct-04 22:15

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