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If so, read the Ogopogo stories below. I/ll never go out on Lake Ogopogo again. (the official name is actually Lake Okanagan)

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ogopogo surfaces 370 marduk 25-Oct-04 16:33
Re: ogopogo surfaces 128 Raja 25-Oct-04 20:31
Re: ogopogo surfaces 106 Mercury Rapids 25-Oct-04 21:08
Re: ogopogo surfaces 166 Joyeuse 25-Oct-04 21:10
Re: ogopogo surfaces 129 Raja 25-Oct-04 21:25
Re: ogopogo surfaces 147 Joyeuse 26-Oct-04 10:36
Re: ogopogo surfaces 147 marduk 26-Oct-04 11:39
What's in a name: ogopogo 146 Citizen Attorney 27-Oct-04 04:26
Re: ogopogo surfaces 167 Joyeuse 25-Oct-04 21:16
Re: ogopogo surfaces 132 marduk 25-Oct-04 21:26
HINTERLAND WHO’s WHO: THE OGOPOGO 148 Kevin Kanada 26-Oct-04 20:42
Re: HINTERLAND WHO’s WHO: THE OGOPOGO 162 Raja 26-Oct-04 22:13
Re: HINTERLAND WHO’s WHO: THE OGOPOGO 151 Kevin Kanada 26-Oct-04 22:58
Re: HINTERLAND WHO’s WHO: THE OGOPOGO 195 Raja 26-Oct-04 23:18
Intentional infliction of emotional distress 172 Citizen Attorney 27-Oct-04 04:27
Did you sleep well last night CA? 145 Kevin Kanada 27-Oct-04 16:09
Re: Did you sleep well last night CA? 214 Citizen Attorney 28-Oct-04 04:10
Re: ogopogo surfaces 145 Rex Everything 27-Oct-04 06:03
OGOPOGO STORIES (yep, they've eaten people!) 151 Kevin Kanada 27-Oct-04 16:02

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