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Being a fairly large waterborne creature in what is a deep, cold lake suggests that this creature is cold blooded in order to minimize it’s energy and food requirements. Lake Ogopogo is not particularly rich in vertebrates or invertebrates so Ogopogo is primarily herbivorous but will eat carrion or other animal/insect foods opportunistically. To maintain its body size, Ogopogo eats a large amount of plant based material. The mountain lake has many steep walled shorelines. Abundant plant material is to be found along shallow, reedy shorelines but because Ogopogo is rarely seen , it is a nocturnal creature when it comes time for feeding. Ogopogo may actually spend its summer days in reedy shallow waters where it is warm, allowing its cold blooded body to warm up and again, avoid the sightings and hazards presented by boaters in the open water. Few people venture into shallow, reedy areas during the day and Ogopogo will not be picked up by sonar scanners here.

During winter, Ogopogo likely hibernates in the lake bottom. It is likely preparing for this event right about now as lake water temperatures begin to drop and seasonal aquatic plant life is now dying off.

Ogopogos are oviviporous (live births like guppies or seahorses) hence the lack of discovery of egg shells or nests. The most recent sighting suggests that they are under parental care for at least the first year prior to hibernation.

Hibernation presents a bit of mystery. If they are reptilian, they need to breath air which suggests that they may have a den along steep walled inaccessible shorelines where they can breath and maintain a temperature above freezing similar to snakes. If they are gilled creatures they can remain in a state of torpor at the lake bottom with fish or amphibians. With winter water temperatures of 2 or 3 degrees C, it would be impossible for a large warm blooded creature to maintain homeostasis in the absence of a meaningful food supply. A cold blooded creature would not be able to maintain a significant energy level to do much more than loaf around the lake bottom.

Ogopogos are instinctively very shy and wary though their natural predators died out millions of years ago.

Kevin the Frustrated Cryptozoologist

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