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It's kinda spooky that this story pops up now...

A brief excerpt from the final part of my Mercury Rapids trilogy:


I backed up, entering a shaft of light from the grimy window and the creature followed, giving me my first good look at its head.

It was definitely no dog!

Instead of a canine snout and wet, black nose, I was presented with an almost hairless, skull-like head, as long as a large dog’s, but more aquiline. A pair of large, unblinking, black eyes gazed at me and I was reminded of the huge eyes of the Greys. If this was an animal from the Greys’ homeworld, I supposed it would be possible that it might evolve similar-looking eyes. After all, to a layman, many mammalian eyes are more or less indistinguishable from species to species. Below these, the skull curved down, terminating in those deadly-looking jaws beneath a pair of slit-like nostrils.

It was with these tiny orifices that the beast sniffed me, a delicate procedure that seemed to belie the tense ferocity of the creature’s physical presence. I saw the gun on the kitchen floor, barely inches from my right hand and thought about making a lunge for it.

The animal mewled, looked to the gun, then back at me. The corners of its mouth curled up in what seemed like a smile. Then it roared directly in my face, almost forcing me onto my back, turned and leaped out of the kitchen window.


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