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What if oil & fossil fuels is the source of this carbon? Our pollution is destroying the world before our eyes. The ones who 'worship' the beast can't see how to live their lives without cars or money. Money is a name and a number. Without money people cannot 'buy or sell'. The beast is money as far as I can see. The earth is being destroyed for the sake of greed and wealth. Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. Money is the literal Antichrist.

Money has allowed us to expand and over populate the earth. The pursuit of money causes men to exploit the weak and poor. People burn over 20 million barrels of oil every day just going to work. By the time the ice caps have melted and all the oil is gone this system of things will have collapsed and money will be king no more.

Many postulate that the mark of the beast will be some form of biochip implant. It seems the US may give the go-ahead for such chips for medical information (and who knows what else will be added to the list).

God's laws are the laws of Nature. Science and medicine do nothing but fight these laws. Medicine has created super bugs trying to cure infections and has undermined natural selection so much that people can't fight diseases with their immune system. Now 30% of people carry so many genetic faults they get cancer and, 20% can't reproduce without IVF treatment, and they call it a 'miracle' when science finds yet another way to beat these things! It's genetic suicide.

The meaning of life is simple; all life exists to balance and promote all life. We can't go on destroying the planet without nature turning against us.

I said to the folk on here a few weeks ago that we need to get back in tune with Nature. We should plant trees by their millions to absorb all the excess carbon and (hopefully) halt global warming. Before the oil runs out we need to become self sufficient in food and energy production otherwise billions could starve or freeze to death. The best way forward is the old ways - small communities recycling waste and using renewable sources for power and running small cooperative farms. We transform the world back to the Eden it was always meant to be. But no one wants to know because that means giving up on the 'easy life' (if that's what slaving most of your life to earn money means), eating junk food and getting pissed every night etc. It doesn't mean the end of society, far from it, we will strengthen our community spirit. It doesn't mean we stop progress, science (true science) and education can go forward. We just stop tampering with Nature and believing money is the answer to all our problems.

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