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The Secret of Olyphant. Jesus Christ is God and to prove it he took a man named John into the future and showed him what your world will be like. In the book of Revelation he showed John the United States of America and the Soviet Union, airplanes, viruses, DNA, television and other miracles of the future. He also told him how he was created as I mentioned before in The Secret of Olyphant from Pyramids of Light. The beast that is mentioned is man himself. Man kills others and eats the flesh of animals. If you have ever studied Organic chemistry you will learn that every living thing on the planet Earth must contain carbon. The element carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons for 666.

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666 its the carbon atom 775 olyphant 21-Sep-04 21:53
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 190 Raja 21-Sep-04 22:12
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 177 Kboldt 22-Sep-04 16:23
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 195 IanG 19-Oct-04 16:15
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 173 Raja 19-Oct-04 22:04
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 177 IanG 22-Oct-04 03:21
Re: 666 its the carbon atom 151 music 22-Oct-04 04:50

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