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It looks like a Bee to me. Could be a dipiction of some different sized Tesla coils all in a row, showing the field generated around them when in operation..... I prefer to see it as a Bee, I guess. The aliens might be saying they are more like the old 1950's "B" movie aliens, and not the modern "ET" version? Could be a message for me! My real-life initials are "BB"!



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Latest crop circle - Bee? 400 Sherman Peabody 01-Jul-04 09:19
Re: Latest crop circle - Bee? 154 ArmchairObserver 01-Jul-04 18:27
Re: Latest crop circle - Bee? 152 Mercury Rapids 01-Jul-04 19:01
So - it's not alien abductions - it's house-calls! (NoText) 91 Sherman Peabody 01-Jul-04 19:38
Re: Latest crop circle - Bee? 125 ArmchairObserver 02-Jul-04 06:52
Re: Latest crop circle - Bee? 160 Lee McGiffen 02-Jul-04 11:08
Re: Latest crop circle - Bee? Close, cocoon? 200 montmagic 09-Jul-04 14:45

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