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I remember one of my first jobs and my boss said he liked his neighborhood because he thought everyone there looked just like him.

I think an initial issue would be that a person looks like you.

It has been said that a woman likes a man that reminds her of her father. I have a cute story about this. My sister for some reason always tends toward rock and roll types. She ended up marrying this rock n roller that had quite a 'fro of hair. She told my very anglo short haired clean cut dad that what she liked so much about the guy is that he reminded her of her dad!

One of the reasons that there has been a long history of different races hating each other could be the simple fact is that they look different. The reaction to a different look is to hate.

This of course doesn't explain the hatred within races, for example how some asian countries harbor huge prejudices against other asian countries (eg Chinese people and japanese people).

And then everynow and again you have people that like those who look completely different than them.

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