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This is a game, but listen there are no rules to think about, you don´t have to do anything, say anything, you´re free.
This is a game and it´s called ´each moment´. It´s my favourite game and i play it when i see too many sad faces and worried people who think that they have to do this and they have to do that because others say so. Seems like we spend all our lives worrying about how we have to do things and what we have to do, we even worry about how we have to die. Too many restrictions, I rebelled all my life against rules, especially rules against expression. We are a reflection of our times, but our highest forms of love come from expression, who ever put a rule against love? Oh yeah, we do, but I don´t, I don´t want to, and i don´t want to see it happen here. I value all your expressions, though some mean more to me than others, fisherman I want to thank you for your words, david lamond keep fighting the good fight you have helped many here. This is a game it´s called each moment, each moment i made a choice and i chose an expression that started in a feeling of love. Listen to the language, there are no rules except.................Love,

A Lover


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