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Dont know if anyone has posted this before, but I just finished watching the documentary that comes on the DVD "The Mothman Prophecies" about the real event. Jesus it was freaky. What's everyone else's take on this rather fascinating occurance?

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Mothman 604 Hound 01-Jun-04 10:23
Re: Mothman 210 Trojan 01-Jun-04 19:43
Re: Mothman 233 Brian Patterson 01-Jun-04 22:26
Re: Mothman 185 ArmchairObserver 01-Jun-04 23:44
Mastadon? 207 Thirdwave 02-Jun-04 01:35
Re: Mastadon? 312 Hound 05-Jun-04 18:39
Re: Mothman 214 Citizen Attorney 02-Jun-04 03:46
Re: Mothman 207 Hound 05-Jun-04 18:36

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