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One early spring evening,while casually reading a magazine in an easy chair,a blurry"mist",or a "fog" of dullish radiating light crept into the room through an open window.I immediately became transfixed on this phenomenon,yet at the same time,did not feel a sense of alarm.In the brief moment that followed,this fog enveloped myself and the easy chair,and I was paralyzed,and unable to move.There was a great sensation of numbness,a very "heavy" feeling,yet I felt totally conscious and aware.The fog continued to radiate in a rapidly swirling manner,and from this swirling the "impression" of a group of figures emerged.They appeared to be composed of this dullish fog,yet were multicolored,and continually changing color.Their contours were "human"like in composure,yet undefined,and blurred.I distinctly remember "three" of these "beings",yet feel that there may have been more altogether.These beings had encircled me,in the same manner as wich the fog had.During this incident,no words or communication,or physical contact took place,nor was there any "sound" of any kind.It was all very "silent".They merely were "present" as I sat paralyzed.I dont know specifically how much time elapsed from the first manifestation of the "fog",to the eventual conclusion.The whole event ended as it had began,with a gradual decreasing of the fog,and a dissipation of the figures.I regained "composure" and felt no ill effects,or noticed any changes in the room.Within the next day,as best to my recollection of the time,I had no knowledge of this event.Then,a curious thing happened.I found myself waking up in a wooded area near to my house.This occured some time after this initial "visitation",and it was then that I remebered what had happened with more clarity.Naturally,I was inclined to link the two events.This occured years ago,and looking back in hindsight,it has become more memorable all the more.

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