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Fascinating, if so. But there's nothing yet on the website of those the paper say will be investigating the hauntings, the Paranormal Research Society.


However, I found a tale of another navy haunting, this time reported in 1946 in The Daily Mirror, at St Mary’s Barracks, Chatham, Kent, UK, and officially recorded in Navy News :

The daily Mirror's headline was, “Navy log ‘ghost on crutches’ at midnight”.

The report stated: “The Royal Navy has officially logged a complaint ratings have made about a ghost on crutches that walks at midnight.

“The ratings, sentries on night watch at a naval barracks, say that the ghost follows them around during the middle watch (midnight to 4am) and they have protested against doing solitary duty on that watch.

“The ghost that has been officially recognised by the Navy haunts St Mary’s Barracks, Chatham, Kent.

“Sentries doing duty on the ramparts overlooking the moat around the barracks say that when they are doing their rounds footsteps they cannot account for and a tapping, as of someone walking with crutches, are heard.

“One young sentry who felt that the ghost was near him panicked and ran to the guardroom for protection."




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