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Not sure if it was a ghostly situation but I have had one experience I have always struggled with to understand.

Quite a few years back now my grandmother was terminally ill with cancer in her native germany. My mother and I had previously moved to New Zealand so we were keeping in touch with my uncle in germany who in turn kept us up to date on my grandmothers condition. Due to the time difference he would call my mother on the phone every second day or so, usually around 6 am. She in turn would call me at my (then) boyfriends house and let me know if there were any news. She usually called me around 7am.

One night (early early morning), I was woken up by the strangest feeling. The room was very cold and, starteled, I sat up in bed just as my blanket was slowly being pulled off me (and my boyfriend who remained blissfully unaware:) towards the end of the bed. Maybe it was because I was tired that I chose to ignore all this as I grabbed my blanket from the end of the bed, layed down and tried to get back to sleep. Shortly after this - I may have have gone back to sleep, it is difficult to remeber exactly - I felt myself sliding towards the end of the bed. Totally freaked out now I sat up again, freezing cold (in Summer!) and tried to wake my boyfriend. I was shaking him when he slowly sat up and turned his head towards me. When I looked at his face it was as though I was staring at a dead person, not that I had ever actually seen a dead body before, but it was like there was nothing there, his eyes were open and empty - dead. It was as though he'd left his body and was being manipulated/moved (?) by something/one else. It was horrible! Dawn had started by this time and, it being summer time, was almost daylight so I can't put this down to a trick of the light or shadows. My boyfriend then simply layed back down, rolled over and was asleep again, I could hear his regular breathing.
Just then, as if this wasn't enough already, I heard laughter from the other end of the room. As I turned to look in the direction of the sound I saw my Grandmother, laughing and waving at me. Then it was over.

I could almost feel the room return to normal, it got warmer and I started to relax again. Needless to say I did not go back to sleep that morning and when the phone rang at 7am I new it was my mum telling me that my grandmother had died not long ago.

I have never been able to understand why my grandmother chose such a strange and horrible way to say good-bye to me. (If that is what this was) Her laughter sounded mean, almost evil. When growing up we always had a good relationship I really don't get her "message" unless it was I who for some reason chose to receiver her message in this form.

Anyway - just thought I'd share this story with you guys, maybe someone here has had similar experiences.



PS> I was most definately not dreaming

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