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First off, I would like to say that I do believe in "spirits". What you have said sounds like a classic ghost story that everyone has heard one time or another. I am one of those guys that sees both sides of an arguement.
However the phone thing wasn't that convincing because when I unplug my cordless phone charger from the wall, the cordless phone still works, don't ask me how but it does. Also, when we do turn off the cordless phone, it rings whenever it needs to be that may explain your ringing problems. As for the room being cold, that's kinda mysterious, but in my house, I close my door into my room and leave a window open so my room is colder than the rest of the house that is being heated.....also what's kinda mysterious is that your mom screamed at the fact that the room was cold, i mean, sometimes in my house there are colder rooms than others but that doesn't mean that there are more ghosts in that reply to the steps runing up the door then hitting it, I can only venture a stray guess, wind blowing and a bird hitting your door....don't chuckle, it happens, because when I'm watching tv i have a huge dormer window right next to me and it freaks the @!#$ outta me when a bird hits it.....happens once or twice a month actually...and finally in reply to the "air conditioner problem" My air conditioner in my house was orginally screwed up so bad that everyone in my family had to learn how to fix it themselves, it would turn on in the winter, and wouldn't turn off, but now we have an automatic one that turns on when it gets like above 70 or something....

Like I said earlier, I do believe in spirits and I am in no way trying to make you look stupid or silly but simply just offering suggestions to your "mysterious house". Granted that the probablilty of all those things happening consecuatively is very low, but it could happen.

Another explanation for your room temp is that supposedly when a ghost stays in an area for a long period of time the temperature drops, these are known as "cold spots", or i'm sure theres another scientific name for it, but I have experienced a similar case when I walked into my kitchen once, there was this one cold spot, very small, very cold, no vent or anything, so it was kinda freaky....

thanks for your time

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