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Scary story, Brian. I've had a couple ghostly experiences myself but nothing on the level of yours.

My first experience was after my parents procured and remodelled a large golf course home that had been abandoned and left to foreclosure. To say that the house was eccentrically designed is an understatement. It was bizarre. One of the odd things that we noticed was that every bedroom (4 in all) was equipped with a double key bolt lock. One could either lock somebody into a room or lock others out. Who knows which was done. Like I said, though, the house was completely remodelled and turned out beautifully. My parents seperated within months after moving in. One of the clearest memories were the odd odors that would sometimes fill the house. Sometimes it was an overbearing cologne smell that would be so heavy, we would have to leave the house from the nearest door, choking for fresh air. That particuliar smell was Old Spice. I have never been able to abide the smell of it since then. Other times, it was a putrid smell of something rotting. The house, however, had been practically gutted so something stuck in a wall or under the house that had died was not a plausible explanation either. Not to mention that this putrid smell persisted for the 5 years that we lived there, off and on. At night, we'd hear footsteps on the ceilings of our rooms and favorite trinkets often disappeared and magically reappearing in somebody else's room. We often blamed each other for the incidents though to this day, I do not know how bits of my mother's jewelry found their way into my jewelry box. I didn't even like her taste, lol. It wasn't until a few years after we moved from that house that my sister, mother and I talked about some of the things that went on there. My mom admitting to strange things that we had never known about, one of them being that at one time, somebody had lived in the unfinished attic on a plain old mattress and using candles stuffed in bottles as a light. Very strange house. Interestingly enough, I drove past it a few years ago and was surprised to see numerous security lights all around the home. None of the other homes on the street had changed or added additional security.

My second experience was on the navajo reservation. Something liked knocking on the windows in that home in broad daylight. Nothing was ever at the windows and it occurred even when the curtains were wide open. Whatever it was, it liked to entertain my daughter, who would often giggle and laugh at something unseen hovering around the ceiling. When we moved from that home to temporarily stay with family, this thing followed us. Other family members reported seeing a shadowy thing in the house. After a couple months of it, a medicine man was brought to the home to perform a blessing ceremony and to clean the house of spirits. He said that it was an Anasazi spirit that had attached itself to us from our old home, which had been built on Anasazi burial ground.

Do I believe in ghosts? I don't know. I think that there are things out there that are willing to mess with people. Such things are pretty freely talked about on the reservation. There are just too many stories of unseen things that point to something existing, whatever that something is.

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