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Many years ago while in college, my family purchased a nice home in a mostly Jewish neighborhood from the Rabbi of a Synagogue a few doors away. After the closing, my parents were invited to dinner at a local restaurant by the rabbi and his wife.

When my parents came home that evening they were laughing about the fact that they had been told by the couple that the house was haunted by a ghost. We all got a temporary chuckle out of it.

The first day, as we were moving in, I noticed that the cordless phone kept ringing, and there was no one on the other end but static. My mother got a bit nervous, as it happened many times, and called my dad home from work. When he arrived, he was a bit ticked off for having been called home for something as trivial as a ringing phone, so he unplugged it and made the comment that if it rang now, he would be nervous himself. We waited for an hour, and as it didn't ring again, he muttered under his breath, and stormed back to work. He was barely out of the driveway, when it rang again, still unplugged.

We moved in during the last week of July, and I'll never forget my first night in my new bedroom. I woke up around 4 A.M. freezing, and as soon as I realized how frigid it was, I noticed that my breath was frosting in the room. Even at age 19, it scared the hell out of me. I ran to get my parents, who weren't very pleased with me at that early an hour, and when they entered the room, it shook my father pretty badly, and my mother screamed and ran to get her cigarettes and a beer.

I moved out a couple of days later, but on many occasions I witnessed many other occurances.

Kitchen cabinet doors flying open, and all of the dishes in them flying to the floor and breaking. Kitchen cabinet doors opening and closing all around the kitchen. Thousands of bee bees appearing on the dens tile floor, that five minutes earlier, were not there. As a matter of fact, bee bees, in many shapes, colors, and sizes, were a regular feature it seems in the haunting.

Sitting in the den from time to time, you could hear something or someone running up the steps to the front door, and then a loud bang on the door as if running into it full speed, but no one there.

My siser researched the house, and found it had been built by and for a wealthy contractor, and his 18 year old daughter was found dead in her room after having bled to death from a botched abortion. That room was where I had slept that first night.

One of the funnier things I witnessed was the air conditioners would come on and off by themselves. My mother called an electrician, who along with his helper came to take a look at what the problem might be. They went up into the attic, and my mother went to the store while I was watching tv.

When my mother got home, the electrician and his helper were standing out front, and refused to go back in. My mother sent me up into the attic to retrieve their tool belts. When we contacted the local power company, they couldn't find anything wrong, but for months, the air conditioners still cut on and off at will.

There are many things I didn't witness, but was told by my mother and father, and younger sister. Those will be for a later post.



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