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Against what and why are they protecting the truth from?

First of all the major population do not believe in UFO. One part simply because they just don’t buy it. Others because it is not mentioned in the Bible and some because it is not confirmed by the officials and the rest – God knows why.
One primary and fundamental reason is that "there is no other life form as ours out there in the universe – we are the only creation of the all mighty God.

The US, UK, Russia and so on, they have the "X-Files" department. For them the UFO is reality – and most likely what they have they just can not understand it at all – yet.

If they used man as "wirelessguru1" and the theory that he is working with – all might be just different and some answers might come up.

This is something as the StarTrek First Counter / contact (?) when the Earth created the Warph drive – and the higher intelligence noticed that and made the first contact.

But we – our civilization, our science and the know-how is in all very primitive – yet we think we have the ultimate know-how in the universe.

That is the first, the last and the all a mistake.

If we can think as Mr. wirelessguru1 – I don’t say that he got the right answer – but he got the right approach – then we might find the "truth" – and at the same time we might also do what Mr. Cochran (?) did – make the "Warph drive".

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