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Hi all,

Interesting pictures & story!

Read it yesterday from memory the following observations can be made:

1. The phenomena was hidden from human sight.
2. The phenomena was picked up on radar.
3. The phenomena was picked up & tracked using infra red technology.
4. The phenomena was picked up & tracked by multiple military\government sources.
5. The phenomena changed direction to track a military vehicle.

What are the possibilities that could explain this incident.

1. Its a hoax! If so how was the hoax created & by whom.
2. Faulty equipment.
3. The pictures are genuine but what do they show?
3.1. A 'cloaked' vehicle hidden from human sight but still emitting a light source signature & which still can be picked up by radar. Even stealth technology does better than this. Would it not be logical that a technology that can hide from human sight should also be capable hiding from radar & from infra red technology.
3.2 A natural phenomena. I am unaware of any natural phenomena (anybody got any suggestions) that could cause this. But, perhaps the phenomena relates to an an discovered form of life.
3.3 Perhaps the phenomena relates to some time distortion?
3.4 Perhaps the phenomena relates to some unknown law of physics?
3.5 Perhaps the phenomena relates to a known law of physics?
4. Any other possibilities?


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