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Hi JD,

I wonder if you might have some non-numerical :) information to some questions I had arise from reading your interesting post?

You mention the movie "21 grams" is based on the theory that at the time of death, the human body loses that amount of weight - with the assumption that this signifies the loss of the soul.

Then you mention in the 1907 issue of a journal titled American Medicine, Dr. Duncan MacDougall explained his research into the weight of the human body as it died.

I am curious if the movie is basing its' theory on Dr. MacDougalls research or an independent concept. Either way, would you know if there is an online source discussing his work?

The main thing that puzzles me about coming to a conclusive measure and contributing it to the weight of the soul is that there are so many variables of what could be termed 'weight loss' of the body while living let alone death. Example: daily hair loss, skin cells, sweat, etc. Wouldn't all theses have to be considered (measured) too?

It's my understanding that at the time of death the bodys control of it's evacuation system (urinary & bowels) is lost and contents are discharged. And the contents are not a standard weight but dependent upon each individuals prior to death consumption.

At anyrate I find this an interesting topic and will watch for the movie which I hadn't heard of yet.


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