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Hi Paul,

Interesting those barren circles. Brought to mind one we have here in North Carolina (USA). I don't have any research info., if indeed any has been done, but here is a little blurb from a "Places to Visit" booklet I have.

I'm now curious as to how long this spot has been known and wonder if the local Indians have any mention in their mythology. I've known about it since I was a kid and my parents heard of it when they were children.

Don't know if there are more in the state, this is the only one to make the map so to speak :)



Devils Tramping Ground

North Carolina mountains

The Devils Tramping Ground is located in Western Chatham County, near Siler City. It appears to be a well worn path that forms a ring forty foot in diameter. The path is a foot wide. The center of the circle and the ground outside of the path is covered with grass and other plants. Nothing will grow in the foot wide path. If rocks or other objects are placed on the path before night fall, they will be moved from the path in the morning.

It is believed to be the ground where the Devil plans his folly walking around and around the ground at night. By morning the Devil would be gone. The Devil's footprints were so hot that they scorched the ground where he walked forming the circular path and leaving the soil infertile so nothing could grow on it. It is also said that animals avoid the place.

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