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Hi Ramiel and all,

When I mention "us little people" I mean those of us who are apparently not "in the know"

As you are undoubtedly aware and indeed unfortunately for most as I see it, there is absolutely "zilch" concrete evidence for any alien being/s ever having visited our planet.

To my knowledge, there is not one single nut, bolt, rivet etc or whatever else "they" may use to construct their amazing vehicles, to prove an alien existence or visitation.
If there is any "evidence" of this nature, then please point me in the right direction to search it out.

I also include alien "implants" for similar as yet unproven evidence.

It is all very well suspecting Area 51 for secretly housing crashed UFO's at their apparent S4 facility, but where is the evidence?

Bob Lazar's testimony?

(After 50 years or more of "back-engineering" we are still using huge chemical rockets to venture into space!)

If the U.S. requires a secret test site for developing new aircraft/weaponry etc., then that is entirely the affair of the military aspect of the government, indeed in the interests of security for their peoples etc and I can understand why this secrecy is of the utmost priority and importance.
Same for the UK, Russians, Chinese or whoever.
They all have their secret sites.

Perhaps I am talking "scientifically" here when questioning the evidence, but surely in this case, with suspected aliens and their amazing craft etc, this is the whole point.
Any "proof" in my estimation, would be the most mind-boggling discovery in the history of the world.

If perchance I was fortunate enough to espy a genuine UFO, particularly one landed on the ground, with aliens roaming about collecting their samples etc (a scenario which we have heard many times before ie the Socorro incident etc) and I had a camera with me, then I can assure you, without being discovered, no government agency in the world would ever take possession of my photo's.

After a period of relative quiet (and having recovered from the overwhelming shock), I would bleat my discovery to the world.
But, with the untold thousands of such incidents on record, this scenario has never happened (at least to my knowledge) and even if it has, then why are these so-called "men in black" always first on the scene?
Surely, out of thousands of similar reports, the above hypothetical scenario should leak out, just for once!

As I have mentioned in another thread on this board, for sure, I too have witnessed unusual sightings of aerial phenomena which to date, as far as I am concerned, defies any natural explanation.
(I have been trained in astronomy, meteorology and aircraft recognition, so perhaps my "credentials" are fairly secure)

Also, I do not ridicule anyone's experiences of this nature.
If someone claimed to have seen a UFO, indeed with aliens etc., then the incident requires investigation, a suitable explanation, even before assuming alien beings from other worlds actually exist.
This is why I attend UFO conferences.

However, surely by now, judging by the overwhelming numbers of reports, the existence of alien beings and their stupendous craft, should be common knowledge to us all.


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