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Hi all

It's a fact that Govts and their agencies etc. in The US and the UK are a brick wall if you ever enquire of them about a UFO sighting; or they dismiss/debunk such reports.

For instance, when I learned of a sighting of a black "triangle"in my area of the UK a few years back, I telephoned the local police station to ask them if they knew of this etc. The woman who answered denied all knowledge (after going away fro the phone to check), and said that "all such reports are reported to the Appropriate Authority".
So I asked her "So you don't investigate any reports of sightings of UFOs at all ?" She confimed this and repeated her assertation. I then asked her "OK .. may I ask what The Appropriate Authority is ?"
She simply replied, "London" (Talk about trying to get blood from a stone or what! LOL) Me being me, I refused to give up that easily and pressed her as to who or what in London. Came the tight lipped, grudging reply ...
"A desk in Whitehall at the Ministry Of Defence" , and she then refused to divulge anything else.

So, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. And recently, after people were talking in my home town about sightings of a black helicopter flying around, which I also saw, I checked with my small local airport and spoke to the Control Tower. The guy expressed complete ignorance of it (even though I had seen with my own eyes the chopper swoop down over the runways on one occasion!!), and he just tried to explain it away by saying that people must have viewed the chopper in dark profile against a brigh sky etc ! Amazing (!) Especially as I'd actually seen it fly directly over my house against a dark cloudy sky, at a very low altitude; a small 2 seater painted totally black and with absolutely no markings.

I gather that some other countries, such as in South America and Russia etc. are much more forthcoming about UFO phenomena - why oh why can't the US and UK be more like that? It says something about secrecy and something to hide, imv.

Has anyone else had similar experiences of such "brick walls" ??

Best all


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