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Hi scimtar,

You are not alone in your experience(s). There is unity behind these shared experiences and anything but a uniform opinion as to the peticulars. I have had analogous experiences and by sharing them we find out that they are not so uncommon, maybe.

From my perspective as an outside observer you received a lesson in our own animal natures and fears when it comes into contact with the unkown.

Now, if you ask us "what was this thing?" you are likely to get a different kind of answer from every individual. I would just like to encourage you to also ask "what am I learning from this thing?" "why might I have recieved such a jolting experience?"

The point is not for us to explain it to you but for you to find value in the experience for yourself. And pay attention to how such values and meanings evolve over time.

Thanks for inviting our comments and I thank you for sharing your experience.


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