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Hello everyone, when I first arrived at my home 22 and a half years ago, I couldn't be alone in the tower for the first six months (it's a small castle in Ireland, a tower with a wing added in the 1600s) as if a door was about to open but didn't know where or to what, not frightening, but just too for my heart. Gradually I became aware of long thin shadows passing archways occasionally but never found it threatening, more as if two worlds were co-existing harmoniously. (I've always been the 'odd' one in the family :-) I've had the experience of cold spaces opening up beside or around me, also of pressure on my body, but loving, not negative, and also of clicking sounds, not just at home, but elsewhere. I sometimes heard the sounds with my son. We also saw a UFO over Limerick City together, a small metal object 'towing' a small cloud which was emitting lightning bolts to the ground as it went on a beautiful sunny, almost cloudless day in summertime, but no one else around us seemed to notice. Talk about feeling as if in the set of "The Truman Show"!

My son 'died' last summer on June 4th, 2004 just 18 days before his 19th birthday, after a struggle with 'something' that transformed his right eye into a huge red alien-looking one. It became larger and then reduced back to normal about four times, the night he received his last treatment I heard a male voice say "Shall I pull the eye back now? It has served its purpose." That purpose seems to have been to get us to a specific location at a specific time. He finally entered Benedictine Hospice in Kingston, New York on May 31st, 2004, the day of the alignment of Sol and Earth with Aldebaran, the 'red left eye of the Bull Taurus' . He'd also received the message "The grains are becoming someone else. You will remain", a few days before leaving for a clinic. The last time the eye did not go down and after receiving extra morphine than normal, a vessel burst. I've heard his voice since, in my mind, very strong, older and more mature, so I'm being supported. This morning I woke up to the clicking sound which turned into the barking of distant dogs as I became more awake. Liz

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