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Hi Scimitar,

One day a neighbor and I were having coffee next to the pool and she told me about having woken up the night before, freezing cold (in the Summer, in Los Angeles) and being unable to move because it felt as though she was being pinned down by a man although there was none there. Another neighbor walked by, who had told me the same story before, and I called her over and the two compared stories. They were the same. The two started asking other neighbors and before long, six women in the apartment complex reported the same thing - most of them had multiple occurances and two of them had boyfriends that would not go back to their apartments. The oddest part was that all of them woke up lying on their back, although all were side sleepers, and felt as though a man's full weight was pressing on their chests. One has sinced moved because of it while the others just shrug it off(!). Anyway, they think it's a ghost. I don't have an alternate theory.


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