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scimitar wrote:

> About the forest, the most curious thing that Happened to me
> was a disappearing fox (mentioned in the skinwalker thread).
> When out hunting deer and wild turkey, keeping extremely
> still and quiet, I have had several squirrels, rabbits, and
> birds walk right over my legs, perch on my knee, etc, and
> have seen foxes and coyotes, and deer (in their 'off-season'
> of course...interesting how they sense when hunting season is
> over) pass by only a few feet from me, and not even know I
> was there.

They know when hunting season is over the same way you knew about the boars and bears, the stalker's intent and constant observation(staring). The hogs and bear probably had been watching you for awhile and their scrutiny is what you felt. This is the same as the drunk idiot at the bar that tends to stare at you and wants to fight.
Bears and hogs can, and will, try to do you some serious harm so they are a real threat and you picked up on them, but when was the last time you go the same feeling over the woodpeckers and rabbits? lol

> we had a local fellow who was hunting turkeys (using a call),
> and was attacked by a bobcat, causing the loss of one
> eye...seems the cat wanted a turkey dinner, and the guy had
> no idea that it was stalking him in his hide-away.

This reminds me of an ex-brother-in-law. He bought a new style squirrel call you kept in your mouth and while you blew through it you could shake a bush to imitate a young squirrel being attacked and the other squirrels would inevitably come out on the limbs and start barking. We were making our way back to camp and he was blowing thru it while tromping thru the brush when he started to run backwards and hollering with the call still in his mouth. I thought he called up a hog or bobcat and he was trying to get away from it. I was about 15yds. behind him so I stepped to the side and leveled off on the path in front of him, then I fell out laughing so hard I couldn't shoot straight. He was screaming "Shoot!" thru this call and thrashing around and the whole time this mother squirrel was barking and lunging at him trying to get him to drop the "young squirrel" before he ate it! I shot the ground beside it and it finally ran up a tree but still kept barking until we left the area.
He asked me how I missed it at 30 feet away and I told him that" Ol momma earned her life for the day for defending her young and making me laugh so hard!".
That call worked good but we stopped using it as the majority of kills were females.

Thanks for making me think of that, damn that was such fun! Alot funnier then falling asleep on a frosty morning and waking up with a snake keeping you company for the warmth.


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