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My wife had a visit from one of these "visitors" , she was at her sisters house with a group of friends . As she was stood at the bottom of the staircase putting on shoes to go out, she said she saw a figure pass her and go up the stairs, thinking this was a mate that was nipping to the loo before going out she sat and waited for them to come back down . After 5 - 10 mins the friends startted to shout my wife from the garden, when she went outside everyone was there, so who was it that went up the stairs??
My wife tells me lots of people saw some dark strange figures quite often in the house at different times, always the same figure though. dark shadowy smoke like, not solid but of a human shape with a really evil feeling about it.. They owned a dog , and the dog would never enter the bedroom, My wifes sister was pulled out of bed by something one night , after this and lots of other strange happenings she had a pastor from church to come and bless the house, looks like the visitors moved on now thankfully.

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