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Hi...I'm new to the board, signed on last week after finding your site through a search for Skinwalkers, and then stuck around to read some of the other supernatural things. I've found a lot of it enlightening, certainly educational, and hope to learn more as I stick around. I do wonder though, if anyone has an answer for me...

From about Summer 1982 until 1995 I lived in Tucson, Arizona. While there, like a lot of you, I experienced a lot of 'odd', not readily explainable things. But one of the oddest was a creature that I'm not quite sure what to make of, but saw it several times, usually at night, and usually on nights when it was 'still' (IE: No wind, no air currents, no animals, oppressive feeling...not even much sound from things like traffic--which is unusual if you happen to live half a mile from I-10).

Anyway, on some of those nights, I would catch a glimpse of a creature, sometimes full-on, but usually out of the corner of my eye. Although it never attacked me, it 'felt' bad--as if it would attack if certain requirements were met.

Anyway, it looked like a bipdedal collie dog, only it's forefeet ended in hand like claws with sharp talons. Not only that, but only the top (back) of its body was covered in dingy, ratty fur. The head was actaully a skull, with just the eyes themselves intact, and the underbelly and the limbs were all 'skinned'--showing the musculature underneath.

I'm willing to say it's my own mind playing tricks on me--except that once the thing managed to knock over one of my bookshelves in my house when I thought I had 'seen' it out of the corner of my eye in the hallway.

I suppose my question is, does anyboy know of any legends that would explain this thing? I only saw it once when I moved to Texas in '95--2 years after I had come here...and haven't seen it since, although the 'feeling' that came with it often shows up....

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