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For discussions of everything that might be classed as ‘paranormal‘ - i.e. not currently accepted by our modern scientific paradigm. 
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By definition, the subject of faith is a good fit for the Supernatural message board, especially for those who desire to know it. As per the GV Supernatural definition faith is "not currently accepted by our modern scientific paradigm." Indeed, faith is a supernatural aquirement of the human being; a form of believing without seeing, but learning to see with spiritual eyes. Let faith be debated at Inner Space, but let their be no fear here at the "weakest" message board.

Has anyone noticed any increase in the spiritual economy lately? Have you been looking with spirit eyes, and if so what have you discerned and/or experienced without modern science accepting it? These are extrordrinary moments we live in :)

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Our Global Spiritual Economy 689 Dominick Ohrbeck 20-Feb-04 19:22

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