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My mother still has the bible, she keeps it tucked away with our families bible. To this day, if asked about the incident, she smiles and nearly gets winded telling the story. Since she isn't an emotional woman, that means a great deal to me.

There a couple of other things that I know that are similar that happened to my family in the 70's also. One is, my single 23 year old sister was trying to juggle a job and take care of her 1 and 3 year old. There was no family living within 300 miles and she was bent on "making it" on her own. Finally after a year of trying to do this she decided she had to move back home and let our family help her. She had one week left of work, then she had enough pay to come home. She had pulled the kids out of a daycare center because she had a bad feeling about the treatment the kids were getting. Afraid and broke she scoured the papers looking for a sitter. Someone trustworthy and she only needed them for a week. Since she didn't have a phone or a car she would bundle the kids up and walk the couple of blocks to the phone booth to call sitters. On her way back up to her apartment, she passed an open door on the first floor. My youngest niece let out a cry, which statled the older couple inside. They came out and struck up a conversation with my sister. The kids immediately took to these people. Which surprised my sister, since her kids were painfully shy. She had never seen these people before but she thought they gave off a good vibe. When she told them she was looking for sitter for the girls the older couple offered to watch them for the week. They said that since their own grandchildren had grown up, they didn't have any youngsters around to make them feel wanted anymore. Reluctantly, my sister agreed. She really had no choice because she really needed that last weeks pay. Everyday she took the girls to the peoples apartment. The girls eagerly stayed. The old couple even gave them clothes, new toys and made sure they were good and fed before sending them home. My sister thought it was too good to be true. Still alittle apprehensive about how perfect it all was, but nonetheless, the girls loved this old couple. On that friday, when she picked the kids up after work, she went to pay the couple for their trouble. They refused the pay and said it was their pleasure. That saturday morning my sister had her bags packed and was getting ready to head out to the bus station. She wanted to stop by the couples house and leave them some cookies she'd baked for the trip home. She knocked on the door. And when the door opened, it was the apartment manager. When she looked in the apartment, it was empty and musty. The manager was starting to do some painting. When she asked him where the older couple was, he looked bewildered. He told her that this apartment had been empty for about 2 months. It had had some water damage in the kitchen and it was all torn up. He pointed to the For Rent sign in the window. He also said that since he'd been a manager there for the past 11 years, no older couples had resided there.
It sounds pretty crazy, but it's a true account.


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