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When I was a small kid, under the age of 10. I hated how eagerly generous my mother was. It wasn't that I didn't like her doing things for people less fortunate than us, but she would often times open up our home for a stranger to have a meal or she would pick up a hitchhiker and take him or her as far as we were going. I cannot tell you how many times I would wake up in the morning to find that my Mom had taken in a homeless person or a hitchhiker just to feed them, let them bathe, make them a sack lunch and give them what ever change she could spare before sending them out the door. We were very poor but no matter how little we had, she'd share. One day while driving to my grandmothers house out in the country, we passed this particularly haggard looking man walking the opposite direction, attempting to hitchhike. He was caring a huge stack of books, it was raining pretty hard and this guy was wearing only jeans and a thin cotton "hippy" shirt and sandals. He would try to stick his thumb out when cars passed but no one stopped. This road was way off the beaten path, out in the country. Generally only people who lived out there and their guests were seen on the road. When we got to my grandmothers house, she wasn't home, so we turned back around and headed towards town. We could see the long haired, bearded, bedraggled man from quite a distance away. I begged my mom not to stop. I hated it when she picked up hitchhikers. It scared me something awful. But just as I expected, she pulled over. He slid into the passenger seat, careful not to drop his stack of large books. He repeatedly thanked my mom for picking him up. He told her that he'd been walking for a long, long time and that no one would stop to pick him up. When my mom asked him where he was going, he said he just needed to get into town, that anywhere there would be fine. He seemed so thankful for the ride. I couldn't count how many times he said " Bless you Ma'am". When we hit the city limits my mom asked him if she could take him somewhere in particular. He told her that he needed to go and drop those books off at the library. So as we drove through town, we passed by my uncles Shell gas station. As we went by, my uncle and cousins who were working waved to us and we waved back. When we pulled into the library parking lot my mom asked this stranger if he needed to go anywhere else after dropping the books off. He smiled and told her that this was as far as he was going. He got out of the car, at which point my mom jumped out of the car and got into the trunk. She pulled out one of my brothers windbreakers and draped it over his shoulders. "Ma'am, God bless you for your kindness and generosity, it won't ever be forgotten" The man smiled and walked into the library door. My mom started to put the car in reverse but happened to look down and noticed that the man had dropped a book on the seat, it was a small bible. She shut the car off, got out and ran into the library. She was gone for a pretty long time, I could see her through the window talking to the lady behind the counter. When she came out she had a very puzzled look on her face, the bible still in her hand. She never said a word to me. We just left the parking lot and headed back to my uncles gas station. I wasn't aware of anything strange until I overheard the conversation between my mom, my uncle and cousins. She had told them about the stranger who apparently disappeared upon entering the library They all argued with her saying that there was NOT anyone sitting in the passenger seat when we passed by the gas station just minutes earlier. From the gas pumps to the road was only about 30 feet. The speed limit going past was 20 mph. Four people witnessed us go by and all had waved. All had seen me and my mom, but no passenger in the front(the gas station was on the passenger side of the road). Years later, my mom asked me if I remembered this incident..Which I did vividly. She told me that she thought the man may have been an Angel. Testing to see how kind people, were being. She told me that she had always believed it was her duty to do what she could for a stranger or a person in need. That she honestly believed that there are Angels around us, always. Some, just here to test our goodness. She told me that when she got into the library that day, she asked the librarian about the man who had just walked through the doors. The librarian told her, that only two people had came through those doors all afternoon. A high schooler studying in the corner and my mother. Both my mother and myself watched that man juggle the books while he opened the heavy wooden door and entered the library. There was only one way in and out of the library, the librarians counter was directly in front of the door and our car nearly blocked the walkway. No one but us had seen him. To this day, I still wonder about....who or what he was.

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