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On the subject of outdoor ghosts...

When I was about 23 (so long ago :( ), some of my friends told me about a statue in Portland's Mt. Calvary Cemetery and said that it was even mentioned in a ghost book. I didn't believe it until they showed me the book (can't remember the name of it but I think it was a Time-Life book). Intrigued at this point, I decided to go up to this cemetery with my friends one evening and take a look at this "ghost statue" myself. I knew which statue it was because it is hard to ignore when you're driving through the West Hills on Burnside there. There is an opening in the road and at the top of the hill to the right, there she is...a statue of Mary looming above you. I was a total skeptic in anything odd at the time so I figured there had to be a rational explanation for what people thought was a ghost. We pulled up at the entrance of the cemetery and got out of our cars. Nobody wanted to go into the cemetery, including myself, so we stood at the base of the hill and looked at the statue. Sure enough, it moved.

It's feet remained fixed at the base but it's upper body and hands seemed to twist about rapidly in a hazy manner that looked like how somebody would look if they were lost, confused and frightened. I was impressed but not too much so because there had to be an explanation. I went up there for several years at night (never alone lol), often bringing a good set of binoculars to get a closer look at the activity. I went on dark nights, bright nights, rainy nights, clear nights...every single climatological condition that I could think of as having an affect on the appearance of the statue and she moved every time. Watching her from the binoculars should even more detail of the action of the statue so it wasn't the distance. Nobody wanted to get any closer.

The other odd thing that I noted in all those visits is that not once did the security guards for the cemetery come down from their nearby station to ask us what we were doing. I think they were used to seeing people watch Mary from a distance. She was definitely something weird to behold and I never could figure out what made Mary move.

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