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Your experience reminds me of that of a Police Foot patrol in my home town a few years back.

Late one dark night, a Policeman and Policewoman were on a joint foot patrol around the quiet suburbs, when at one point they split up - one to go down one street and the other to go down another that runs in a parallel direction on the other side of an intersecting block/row of houses and gardens. When they finally met up again, 5 minutes later, the Policewoman was white faced and shaking. Her male companion asked her what the matter was. She told him that she'd been half way down the street when she saw a soldier in full First World War battledress and peaked cap, sauntering away from her and on the other side of the road. He turned the corner at the end of the row of houses and disappeared from sight. When the police woman reached the corner - no one was anywhere to be seen.
The couple then conducted a thorough search of all the adjoining streets and roads, but without finding any one around.

The Police eventually discovered, after subsequent enquiries etc, that this area had been used to billet Canadian Troops in many of the nearby houses, prior to their embarkation to France. BRRrrrrrrr! (True story, by the way).

Another chilly story of an English outdoor encounter concerns an English aristocrat, who lost a hand during Elizabethan times. His spectre was often seen by locals during the following centuries, riding a coach and 4 horses around the country lanes, and even today some staff at the original country manor house, which is now an hotel, swear that they still hear hooves on the gravel driveway on some nights! The ghost was supposed to have been originally "laid" during the late 18th century, by no less than 12 clergymen, and trapped and sealed (with a Curse on any one who opened it!) in a bottle which was then flung into a pond. There it lay until a fisherman hauled it up by mistake - and the hauntings resumed!



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