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I don't know why I am putting this here. Kinda hoping for some empathy of someone i guess...

This morning I was giving my dog the normal walk at 4:45am. i walk along a busy street (not at that time of course) that has a park on one side and some trees on the other. now this street goes on for about 1 km and you can see the whole way down. i was walking and listening to my walkman when I saw a guy walking towards me. He was a decent distance (about 900 m) but walking very upright and proper (like a military guy) i noticed this because i was checking to see if he had a dog (mine is very bad tempered and i have to be careful) now i was walking towards himand just started looking at him. Now this is where it gets wierd. I was just watching and then some form of apprehension took over me. I stopped dead on the street. he continued walking but i was frozen there. I can't explain why but i just had a feeling that i did not want to pass this man. after about a minute (my dog decided to use the bushs for relief) i just turned and started walking back home.i started moving a little faster (much to the disgust of my dog) and when i had to cross a street. I turned around and he wasn't there. Now common sense kicked in and i figured he had gone to y'know in the bushs ;). so i watched and waited. Nothing. i started crossing and quickly looked back and voila there he was again. now i know there was no way into the park because the hedge was very thick. i lived just up the street on a little hill. i got to my door (where i could still see part of the road) and he was just standing where i had been waiting watching me. directly looking at me. I hurried inside and quicky got into my apartment.

Now i admit i like reading stories about ghost ghouls and things like that. But i have never had an experience of that much fear. I wish i could explain it. For all i know it could have been a normal guy just walking at that time in the morning. But i still 'feel' different when i think of him.

Kinda shaking just thinking about it now.



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