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I don't know if this is the right message board to post this on. So, sorry if it isn't.

I just got some unsolicited junk mail from a guy selling somethink called Novus Tek (Also called Neo-Tech). The pitch is for a book that allegedly tells you how to make zillions of dollars and have enormous success with women. I did some searching on the internet and found that most people seem to think that this is a big waste of money. Given the proposterousness of the supposed results of reading this book, I am inclined to agree. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this, and what they might know.

The Breeze

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Neo-Tech/Novus Tek 663 The Breeze 13-Feb-04 04:04
Re: Neo-Tech/Novus Tek 228 Briffits 13-Feb-04 09:02
Re: Neo-Tech/Novus Tek 314 Lee McGiffen 13-Feb-04 10:37
Cultish/Elitist nonsense!! 218 Sherman Peabody 13-Feb-04 22:19
Mod note 213 Richard Fusniak 15-Feb-04 11:18
Re: Neo-Tech/Novus Tek 254 Cleopatra 16-Feb-04 12:21
url for african scammers 332 strikenet 17-Feb-04 09:37

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