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While watching a movie that made reference to mass disappearances not associated with such atrocities as mass killings like of the Kurds in Iraq or the Jews by Hitler. I searched online and located the exact reference from the movie which was told as one of our nations first mysteries. It was the mass disappearance (114 people) of one of the first colonizing group from England who landed on Roanoke Island off of North Carolina in the 1500's. I couldn't believe I'd never heard of this. On one website [] it also told about the mass disappearance of a whole Eskimo village in Canada, some 2000 people. I had never heard of either. I was curious to see if anyone knows anything about these happenings?? And what your thoughts might be of it?

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Mass Disappearances 1033 WideEyed 12-Feb-04 20:50
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