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ArmchairObserver wrote:
> Skinwalkers don't astrally project themselves. They are flesh
> and blood, through and through. They smell awful, they leave
> prints (animal or human or mix of both) and they damage
> things as well. You can hear them scrambling around on your
> rooftop. Most importantly to whether or not they are in a
> physical plane, skinwalkers bleed. One of my husband's
> uncles shot a skinwalker. They heard it scream and then
> nothing. When they went to the vicinity of the scream, there
> was a good deal of blood there (the uncle was found murdered
> at his home not long after). So, it bleeds, it can be heard
> moving about, damages property and has a pretty pungent nasty
> smell.
> When looking at a skinwalker, you are not seeing an animal.
> You're also not seeing a human being either. You see a blend
> of the two. My husband who has gotten extremely close looks
> at these things on a few occassions has said that they are
> most often nude underneath animal skins and their bodies are
> grossly misshapen with near leprous like swellings on their
> bodies. Their faces and extremities appear to be a mix of
> animal and human melted together. So, they aren't projecting
> themselves into an animal and taking over its body. They are
> merging with the skin of a dead animal and becoming a
> skinwalker.

Thanks, that was what I was trying to clear up. The showing up at new residence quite a ways away was what was puzzling me about them. I figure they can keep tabs on you if you are the target of their rage, but was wandering if they had to physically cross the distance or if they could project to the area.

> Genealogy for native americans is pretty difficult though my
> husband's history is pretty straightforward Navajo with one
> irish ancestor a few generations ago and a possible spanish
> conquistador ancestor (possible in that one of his clans is
> the Spanish People, which traces its roots to
> conquistadors). He may not be able to say that who his great
> great grandmother was but he does know his family's clans.
> That's about as good as you can get for the Navajo.

Yeah was pretty certain about the lack of records, The missus maternal side has NA blood in the tree also and this is the problem they had with verification as the last verified NA relative was "taken in" by a white family while the family was traversing, I believe, The Trail of Tears. Not having any clue to the real parents name they lost the connection. The child was about 4 years old at the time.

> I don't blame your dad for being terrified of a wolf dog. On
> Monday, I was attacked by a dog while on my front porch. All
> I said was "go away doggy" and it charged me, snarling and
> biting. I managed to get in the house uninjured and called
> the humane society so they could pick the dog up. The
> catcher they sent out was navajo and he spotted the dog down
> the street. He watched it for a few minutes and decided that
> maybe it wasn't as vicious as I had said. So, he said "come
> here doggy". LOL. The dog attacked him. 15 minutes later,
> he has back up and they are chasing the dog up the street in
> their trucks...backwards. It was better than a cops
> episode. Dogs can be vicious. Bulls, at least, give you a
> chance to get away. lol.

LoL !! Sounds like that puppy didn't like to be called "doggy".
When we get the space to have another big dog there will be at lest two wolves in the backyard here! I genuinely love the critter! The one we had took protection family seriously, more so when I wasn't around. Only mase one mistake with him and that was jumping out of a strange truck at night, to him at lest, and growling at him downwind. He couldn't scent me and didn't hesitate to put me on the ground. Sheer dumb luck had me holding my Carhardt folded over my arm when he hit me full force. LOL ! Good buddy was so concerned he shut the door so it wouldn't get in the truck, only prob was I was on the ground outside!

> I haven't heard anything directly that links wolves with
> skinwalkers. Skinwalkers owe their formation to Coyote but
> interestingly enough, alot of families on the navajo rez have
> dogs. Not poodles. No chihuahuahs. Big mean vicious guard
> dogs. They are used to protect the home and also act as a
> warning system for any skinwalker activity.

This same wolf would play with the neighborhood dogs all day but if the front door was open or the kids were outside the wolf would run all the dogs out of the yard, even fighting with two dogs until they got into the road then they all just quit and left and the wolf came back to the driveway and stayed between the "other" territory and "his" territory until the daughters were inside and/or the door was closed.
This loyalty along with it "protecting" the newborn from the ghost(s) in the old house was what made me wonder about the wolf/wolf totem protecting against entities of a mystical origin.

Trusted that crossbred(wolf/stubborn mule) wolf with family far more than any human.

Thanks for the info,

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