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ArmchairObserver wrote:
> There is a highland cattle ranch about 9 miles outside of
> Bandon. It could've followed Lowe Creek to the coastline but
> odds are, it would've been mired if it took that path and it
> still would've had to traipse through town to get to the
> beach itself. Out in rez land, a cow wandering through town
> is well...common, not so sure about that being common in
> Bandon, however.

Thanks for the info on the ranch nearby.
LOL! Almost shot a cow outside our window, in town, thinking the noise was an intruder checking the windows. The friggin' thing was nosed up to the screen, in a flower bed full of dead leaves, because of a light left on I am guessing.

> Another thing that throws this theory off is the rate of
> speed. From what I read, highland cattle are slow. What
> wide eyed saw was fast and kept pace with them. They also
> aren't that big and she says it was the size of a very large
> bear.

All cattle moves slow unless there is a need to move quicker. W-E said they sped up but didn't run, and the beast was paralelling the beach houses and then angled towards the water. As they too were, basically parralelling the beachhouses this would look to be stalking them.
Cattle will follow any path of least resistence. Go to any ranch and look for the trails, they won't be hard to miss. These will follow fencelines, drastic changes in topography, creeks, etc.
On a farm the owner can simply whistle, or holler and the cattle will make a bee-line for the feeding trough. The same farmer can go out where the cattle are, on a 4-wheeler and move at varying speed, carrying a bucket of food and the cattle will follow him at the same pace he is moving and not run for the trough.

This thing W-E saw could have been something supernatural but all actions, and descriptions, of it leans towards a wayward cow.

In the links posted above, it showed the highland cattle has a mild/easy tempermant and "...are bright and responsive, with each animal knowing it's name and the herd coming to a whistle."

W-E stated it was summertime and a full moon. These cattle tend to stay cool during the day and roam at night. Being as they are a breed from the highlands of Scotland, I don't think the coastal area of Oregon will give them much concern. The full moon shining on the eyes would have giving a glow to most animal's eyes.

As for their size, W-E stated they thought it might have been a wandering black bear. Black bears are of a smaller size then a grizzly, and range in color. Below are two links showing the weight of the highland cattle and grizzly bears.


Mature Highland cows[b/]:
average 900-1200 pounds.


Grizzly Bear:
Weight - Male: 300-1000 pounds
If a mature Highland weighs more than a grizzly then it would definitely be bigger than a black bear.

The beast seen at night looked about the size of a bear, with fur, but the head of a cow with horns, eyes of a cow, left prints of cattle, and turned and gave an appearance of high intelligence.

So a mature, or close to mature, highland cattle that has longer hair, resembling fur, having similar colors of bears, bearing obviously all the trademark showings of cattle(big eyes, horns, hooves,etc.) was following the line of beach houses until it came upon an angled trail down to the beach and continued on. It probably heard W-E and friend and turned to study them to decide whether it should ignore them(food givers) or run from them(food takers), it decided they weren't a threat to it and continued on it's slow lumbering midnight stroll!
Most people think of cattle as the ones mostly seen on TV. The longhorns from the western movies, or the ones from the Chik-Fil-lay commercials(Vote chicken), or even Elsie the milk cow. Even fewer from a city have ever seen cattle, so I am thinking most ideas of cattle that spring to mind first would be of these cattle, not of a long, shaggy-haired breed that goes grazing on almost anything it wants to at night. I have read about these breeds and would still think of smooth hair cattle before this shaggy version.

Now giving the choice of the above and a demon jersey from hades(ghostriders in the sky/Johnny Cash song comes to mind), I would tend to lean towards the lost cow. Especially since this breed tends to move around during the night, in summertime, located in the immediate area, and are naturally inclined to roam abroad.


P.S. You got to get rid of all the obvious possibilities before you can venture to the non-obvious!

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