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The answers you seek, will not come here.
Search 'pamela Aaralyn' on YouTube and Facebook.
She deals with such things.
Also... has alot of information on how energy works...including psychic attack and how higher dimensional entities, both positive and negative, operate.

I have been through what you speak of and come out the other side.
The signs...numbers...serendipitous moments.
Some are your higher self.
Some...your ego.
Others...from other sources.

All you have to do, is forgive yourself and others.
Feel gratitude n love.
These are the enemy of the entities you face.
They want you to keep you questioning yourself. You SHOULD question yourself.
Hold on to the loving thoughts.
The rest are lies.
Hold on to the thoughts of unity and oneness.
Follow the signs that lead to peace and harmony for all you love, including self.

This is the path bro.
I make beats n rap too.
I was a Jehovah's Witness turned MORMON turned mystic...then Gangsta rapping Beatmaker in the Black Power...a prominent NZ gang.
I then balanced and found the truth.
Forgiveness n love are all the protection you need.
Understand that the light of unity EMBRACES AND TRANSFIGURES negative, distorted light.
Light is light, nonetheless...your intention is the filter placed across the lens.
Feel gratitude.
Feel forgiveness.
Feel love.
These things will transfigure your demons.


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