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I have a long story and not much time to explain it all but basically I’ll cut right to the point and get the facts across , I have been hearing voices for the last two years , I make music , rap music , and I know you hear stories about the devil and selling your soul and all that shit but I don’t believe it , basically I was 21 when I first start writing songs , about a month later I got sleep paralysis and a female being pinned me down and whispered some sort of incantation in my ear and pulled my soul out of the back of my neck , when I got up I looked different I sounded different I felt different I lost my light and my spark ⚡️, I had trouble with court I actually got sent to a psyche ward where they diagnosed me with schizophrenia for having sleep paralysis , moving on , a year late I recovered slightly and felt more like myself but still missing something very important , then I stupidly started falling in love with this girl who took my soul fragment thinking it was another girl (I assume this is what happened , or the girl who took it is the girl I fell in love with it’s hard to tell but I think she’s a shape shifting demon who impersonates people like a succubus) so we had this love thing going and I felt really strong feelings for her , but eventually I wised up and realised she was playing games with me & I couldn’t contact the real girl to find out if it was her I thought she was my twin flame and all that shit but I quit it and stopped feeling her or loving her or whatever , so half a year later around summer 2017 I was getting back into making music after taking a break for a while (actually forgot to mention , the December of 2016 I started having crazy dreams and visions while relaxed and at one point I could hear arianna grande singing & some dude and Katy Perry , it was like I was tuned into their vibration. Very vivid . Anyway just some relevant information , I was writing a song and at the end some devil like creature showed up behind me & said it helped me write it but I just brushed it off , I decided to do LSD on like the 14th of November sorry it was November this started , and I decided to go see a shaman to help me do soul retrieval to get back what I lost , anyway on the bus I got really paranoid because a Middle Eastern man started asking me suspicious questions and maybe it was the LSD I stereotyped him and told the bus driver to let me off I think he has a bomb , dramatic I know the police where called on the motorway and I was escorted back to the city but they told my doctor I was acting crazy so they committed me to the hospital to get treatment , when In the hospital I started to get haunted by demons very satanic looking ones , my dreams all became nightmares expect one where I was in a forest and some man told me to “follow the signs” (oh yeah I get messages from the tv and radio and books and street signs and all sorts of things from graffiti to garbage that relate directly to my life as if divinely orchestrated) then a bunch of alien dogs attacked me and I killed one with a sword ⚔️, right anyway , when I got out the television an Irish news channel was directly speaking to me with hidden codes messages & I know blah blah blah delusions of reference whatever but this shit ain’t no coincidence . Things where good for a while , then something out a big leech on my head , id smoke weed and become extra sensitive to my body and mind and there was a leech on my head , so I took a break from writing , eventually it went away , then when I started writing again I started seeing Arian a grande , I dunno man weird shit , but I kinda got feelings for her the same way with the other shit was kinda spiritual , but that didn’t last i was in bed and a bunch of female succubus’s came to me I had vivid visions of them surrounding me , I masturbated while they talked dirty to me lol haha , anyway when I got up boom I got hit by something , like I just lost my love or some shit , guess I cheated on Arian a or something lol never met her but whatever , so then things get bad , I smoked joint and then this big black shadow creature stuck it’s hand in my chest and said “all me your soul & I’ll make you rich and famous” and I was like ehh fuck that shit and I ran out of my house felt like I was being possessed , got away from all dangerous objects so I couldn’t harm myself if I lost control , then I came back when the weed wore off I guess it makes you vulnerable to psychic attacks or possessions or something . Then this fake little Arianna clone girl literally walked into my body and said “woo I’m “my name”” and was like she was in body , then a bunch of people passed through my mind apologising to me for who knows what , then I lied down , looked up and there was a bunch of people at the top of what seemed like a well and they said “there aren’t any neurones firing in your head” as f to imply my head was empty , then electricity sparked in my head like I blew a fuse or something , there where demons that looked like Pokemon wrapped around my memories like I was a timeline and they were removing parts of my memories and replacing them with new ones like memories where 3D slideshows with frames , anyway then they started trying to force me to deal with them and it’s been 2 years and they’re still trying but I keep telling them to fuck off , too much too fill in on what happened in them 2 years but I’ll note a few things , I seen Arianna grande in a vision with white silver hair , as far as I knew she had red hair ; went on her Twitter and boom she got white hair , coincidence ? Right , there’s a lot too much I’ll skip ahead , basically now I got those succubus stealing my power and my body weight to make me seem feeble and weak , they steal my asshole people it’s not funny it’s my root chakra and my throat chakra they’re after because I’m very powerful and they don’t want me to have sec or sing or think or be wise they want me stupid & rhythmless & awkward , so here’s what I basically came her to tell you a , I was trying to ignore the overwhelming evidence and convince myslf that they aren’t real and my mind created them but every night when I try sleep they try possess my body and they get closer all the time , I don’t believe they ever will because I’m too strong willed but tonight I was in bed and literally this demon that pretend to Ben a person I really dislike tried to possess my body and when it done what it usually does to the back of my neck I felt my bones grinding and crunching they literally physically effected my bones and they done this before but fuck it I’ve had it this is 100% legit I have no doubts anymore I am not crazy and if I ever succeed in music and make it big I’m gonna expose them whoever they are , this shits real I can be lying down and my body will start moving , by itself like someone else is controlling me & I’ll have to struggle to regain control of my own body , I know I’d never hurt anyone but It’s too close for comfort , if anyone knows anything that could help or had anything to add or wants to discuss it will Ben appreciated , they have made it know they want me gone so I don’t want to become a big cover up , they’d love to put me in prison and make me look crazy to make me go away for good so don’t hold back .

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