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Susan Doris Wrote:

I am living in a world that was FORCED on
> my people.
> Okay - yes, there have been, in recent centuries
> particularly, innumerable occasions and places
> where one group of humans have failed to act in
> ways to promote understanding and harmony between
> themselves and said others. Such behaviors are
> morelikely to be classified as inhumane etc with
> hindsight and the ones who tried to counter them
> and make it .clear that we are all of one species
> were voices in a vast wilderness of ignorance.

I have been made Chief and am in charge of
> a 60 million dollar settlement, our people were
> given as compensation for the disgusting rape,
> murder, starvation and other genocidal tactics
> used by your "civilized peoples".
> Anyone who thinks that financial compensation is
> anywhere near enough to make up for wrongdoing is
> living ina fantasy world, but I wonder what you
> think would be better and how it could be
> delivered? The past cannot be changed. Remember
> that religions had a major role in trying to make
> people think and behave in their particular way;
> and the faith beliefs of the subdued didn't help.

I am investing in a vertically integrated
> Hemp business.
> I have other people doing likewise.
> When we are all self sufficient, we will turn our
> businesses into a trade.
> No doubt it is an uphill struggle, but much
> admiration for so doing.

Then we don't need your Babylonian magic
> paper RECTANGLES n you can all kill yourselves
> while we live in peace.
> Such deep-seated anger and bitterness, as well as
> the implied isolationism, harms only those who
> feel it and causes barriers, rather than trying
> to lower or remove them.

But that's just my delusional reality as a
> High Born Maori Chief who has rights to
> sovereignty n can decide WHAT THE FUCK HE DOES
> Now here I challenge. What do you mean,
> 'high-born'? You are a member of the human
> species; you have no special [physical
> differences, or genes. or talents etc or anything
> else which set you apart from the rest of the
> human species. Would you like to arrange for there
> to be no children born of those you call *your*
> people and others from other parts of the world,
> even though you must know that this would not be
> advantageous for the strength and survival of your
> descendants?
> Rights are thought of and assigned by humans, for
> humans. Patterns of behaviour in other species
> show that if there is a leader/s of some sort,
> then survival chances are better, but that's about
> it.
> As for the phrase *God-given(, well, there you are
> on very shaky ground. First prove your god!! Since
> there has never, ever, in the time since our
> species began been one single scrap of objective
> evidence for such a thing, you have all your work
> cut out!
> Prophesyng is guesswork and, although it might
> well be an educated guess, it remains guesswork.

But please...continue to tell me how I need
> your system.
> Serious question: What system would you prefer?
> Anything harking back to anything which might be
> described as 'the good old days' is looking at
> life with large blinkers on.

You're so enlightening...
> Apart from the fact that sarcasm is wasted on me,
> I dislike it and do not use it, I hope I am
> somewhat enlightened. I have visited both North
> and South Islands of your country and then spent a
> yer in Australia so I took the trouble to find out
> as much as I could about both countries.
> Susan

Yes...I have deep seated bitterness and hatred for a system set up to enslave us.
I have a passion for watching the ways, of those who keep us in darkness, fall away as a new way of peace emerges in its place.
What I'd like to know...why you think living outside of the system, with stronger steel and superior products in every way...would be 'the good old days'?
We will have ALL THE SAME TECHNOLOGY without the wars...there will be no have nots...if someone needs something, we give it n make another with ease...better yet, teach them to make it themselves n they can have as much as they want, free!
I don't feel that being from a certain bloodline makes me any better than anyone else.
The system is what requires I prove my RIGHT to lead my people.
The system that subdued all indigenous peoples by FORCE and then use THEIR religion to bring ideology we found abhorrent.
"Hit our children? But WE LOVE THEM?!"
So you isn't that I want to lay claim to such things. It is that others feel the right to impose their systemic beliefs on me...then tell me I'm living in a fantasy world, where what I believe has no chance of becoming reality.
Until I tell them who my ancestors are...about my visions and the path I have been given to walk by my elders.
I find it cuts through my need to explain 39 years of catalyst and healing to become a self realized, prophet with the lineage and philosophy to back it up.
I in no way claim to be PERFECT!
This is an expectation we, the people put upon a messenger of the ALL.
I am just someone who has been led down a path that is ordained by those who in...those who have been entrusted with knowledge not of your system. Knowledge which is prophesied to free your illusory perspective n allow you to see the dots you fail to see...let alone connect.

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