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Susan Doris Wrote:
> And here you are, living in a society where
> farmers,scientist, engineers, practical people,
> etc have invented and produced all the amenities ,
> technologies, food, shops, etc etc etc which you
> use daily but still remain dissatisfied because
> the world is not a perfect - well, not perfect in
> your mind anyway - one. To spend your life
> carping about the faults that humans have and
> living in a world of make-believe is, I think, a
> great pity.
> And I shall keep posting here for as long as the
> marvels of modern medicine keep me alive!!
> Susan

No. Another assumption.
I am living in a world that was FORCED on my people.
I have been made Chief and am in charge of a 60 million dollar settlement, our people were given as compensation for the disgusting rape, murder, starvation and other genocidal tactics used by your "civilized peoples".

I am investing in a vertically integrated Hemp business.
I have other people doing likewise.
When we are all self sufficient, we will turn our businesses into a trade.

Then we don't need your Babylonian magic paper RECTANGLES n you can all kill yourselves while we live in peace.

But that's just my delusional reality as a High Born Maori Chief who has rights to sovereignty n can decide WHAT THE FUCK HE DOES WITH HIS GOD GIVEN RIGHT AS A MAORI KING AND PROPHET.

But please...continue to tell me how I need your system.
You're so enlightening...

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