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And here you are, living in a society where farmers,scientist, engineers, practical people, etc have invented and produced all the amenities , technologies, food, shops, etc etc etc which you use daily but still remain dissatisfied because the world is not a perfect - well, not perfect in your mind anyway - one. To spend your life carping about the faults that humans have and living in a world of make-believe is, I think, a great pity.
And I shall keep posting here for as long as the marvels of modern medicine keep me alive!!


Kaaron Wrote:
> Susan Doris Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >

Many traditions tell of people
> possessing
> > both a physical body and a spiritual
> embodiment.
> > (soul)
> > Evidence of the brain's unlimited imagination.
> >

Having unwillingly astral traveled on
> > several occasions I can categorically state that
> I
> > have been consciously aware simultaneously
> whilst
> > in two distinctly different places.
> > You believe this happened and jump to
> the
> > conclusion that you want to be true, without,
> it
> > seems, investigating the very many rational
> > explanations of how and why.
> >

I do not support induced astral travel
> as
> > it may well be beyond my capacity to comprehend
> > many of the things that I encountered, but
> several
> > times I became fearful for my being when astral
> > planing I merely wished I was home and I was
> > instantaneously.
> > again, powerful evidence of the flexibility and
> > unlimited abilities of the human brain to
> > imagine.
> >

Please remember my words if you find
> > yourself again in a similar situation.
> > Why do you think your ideas are more likely
> than
> > other, rational explanations? If all such
> rational
> > explanations are considered and eliminated,
> then
> > there only remains the option to classify as an
> > unknown.
> >
> > Susan
> Why do YOU feel YOUR ideas are more likely?
> Because they fit YOUR worldview?
> Let me guess..."It's just in your head. I've never
> experienced it, so the doctors n mainstream are
> right n those who claim it true, must be
> delusional."
> I'd say the only one WANTING their view to be
> YOU.
> We KNOW what is true.
> You grasp at straws, hoping someone will prove
> your empty words to be just that...when they are
> self fulfilling in their hollow wisdom...cold hard
> boundaries to a shared truth among those with
> heart.
> Those without heart, know nothing of the things we
> speak.
> They come with their words and
> promising ease of the burden
> of life...
> Only to replace the Oneness of understanding and
> unity, with separation and slave labor...for all
> foolish enough to be born to a family not
> generations deep in despair n forgetting.
> Your government n scientists hold all the answers
> I know.
> They CHOOSE not to share it...just as they CHOSE
> not to share with we...the indigenous.
> We CHOSE to see them as equal n they CHOSE to
> lie.
> That's how you, the forgetting ones always act.
> YOU impose your own assumptions on US and then
> Quantum mechanics PROVES particles of light can be

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