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Thank you for this post. . You do not, however make any attempt to show how your personal, entirely subjective,, totally unverifiable and fantastic beliefs, i.e. based on ideas of the supernatural and lacking in objectivity, should be believed by anyone other than yourself, taken seriously as being worthy of study, bearing in mind that no independent observations can be made, or valued as rational.
Since this is a discussion board and not an 'oh-I-suppose-you-must-be-right' board, I shall comment.

Susan, my astral experiences
Your experiences which you believe to be of a supernatural nature absent of anything to back up that opinion.

are merely small portions of a complicated lifetime in which I have been confronted with many experiences beyond my beliefs, I have learnt to question all of my personal beliefs and assumptions, I was raised as a socialist and atheist by a union leader and my spiritual experiences caused me to question all of my upbringing,
However, you seem to assume that you have acquired some special and unusual abilities. You are of course entitled to believe those ideas, but without evidence, they are delusions.

not that I asked for anything but an ordinary life but a creator sometimes creates for his purposes and we as his creations sometimes find ourselves on paths unfamiliar.
We are born with a set of genes and chromosomes etc which give us various traits in our personalities. We are born with strong survival traits within those genes and a brain capable of thinking every single and multiple thought we shall have for the whole of our lives.

I hope I have provided a satisfactory explanation.
You have written something of your background and upbrining, but no explanation to back up your claims of what you believe is astral travel.

It sounds very much like an escape into a kind of fantasy world. No problem there, provided you do not try to persuade others, particularly children, that what you
think and believe is the truth about the world, but realy, you know, the real world is far, far more fascinating. I am nearly at the end of my life, but I can look back on all the times I have escaped into fiction, dreamed wonderful dreams, but always, always, knowing that that is what they were, fiction and all from within me, not from any kind of supernatural 'reality'.


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