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Thank you so much for adding your own experiences.I have discussed Astral Travelling many times with others, all over the world. I can understand the fright perfectly. I have also heard of the things people encountered and they have all said they became aware, in no uncertain terms, that they did not want to be in that situation, and found themselves back in their own body if a little out of ease at first. I do not doubt either that you have had, and continue to have, inexplicable occurrences of other things. I think you can only hide so much of yourself but others see you as not being 'usual' as you unknowingly give yourself away, but as it is no threat the danger then is that they become fascinated and it's hard to explain something you don't understand yourself.. I think these 'gifts' are to be used for everyone. I would add a rider to that. Many Governments use people with 'paranormal' abilities, and don't ask me how they get to know who these people are, but I went through a sticky patch when the US was setting up the Stargate Project. I felt they would not easily let people go again.I have, however, been used when it was demonstrated to me that I was safe here in Britain. I suggest sticking with accepting people who have a practical outlook. A great many things come at us out of thin air...look at all the creative people who produce amazing things out of nowhere, and try not to be fearful.

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