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Many traditions tell of people possessing both a physical body and a spiritual embodiment. (soul)
Evidence of the brain's unlimited imagination.

Having unwillingly astral traveled on several occasions I can categorically state that I have been consciously aware simultaneously whilst in two distinctly different places.
You believe this happened and jump to the conclusion that you want to be true, without, it seems, investigating the very many rational explanations of how and why.

I do not support induced astral travel as it may well be beyond my capacity to comprehend many of the things that I encountered, but several times I became fearful for my being when astral planing I merely wished I was home and I was instantaneously.
again, powerful evidence of the flexibility and unlimited abilities of the human brain to imagine.

Please remember my words if you find yourself again in a similar situation.
Why do you think your ideas are more likely than other, rational explanations? If all such rational explanations are considered and eliminated, then there only remains the option to classify as an unknown.


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