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I would be grateful for feedback on being seen in two places at once. Not Doppelgangers but Bi-location.It has happened to me maybe a dozen times I am aware of over the years. It started in my late teens when school friends met 'me' at the cinema.Not long after that my mother saw 'me' sitting in a car and came over and asked if I would be home for dinner.'I' said 'I' wouldn't be long, then a man she didn't know got into the car after acknowledging her, and drove off. She walked across the road, entered the house to find me sitting and reading a book. I went into work one day and a colleague asked me where I had gone the day before.I pointed out that I never worked on Thursday and explained.These are a just a couple of events. They always describe what I was wearing,and are correct, I was wearing them at that time. 'I' hold a normal conversation but seem quiet, and 'I' am not there for very long.The only anomaly was when I was going to follow a friend to a restaurant. I had my coat on and as it was so cold put on a wide brimmed hat. I hung around sorting out my handbag and as I left my house I changed my mind and took off the hat. Unbeknown to me my friend had waited on the main road and seeing me drive past followed a few cars behind.When I arrived after him at the restaurant his first question, after the usual ' where did you go ?'was 'where's your hat ?'.
I have met others that this had happened to.One was a soldier who appeared in a bar where his friends were, briefly joined in a game of darts, then 'left'. He was in another town at the time. Another lady was on a cruise ship and frightened her friend when 'she' walked up to her in her garden as the friend knew she was on holiday.
I don't think it's as rare as thought.
I sometimes look at a crowd of people and wonder how many are REALLY there.
I can live with the fact that I will never get answers to so many strange things I have experienced,but my neighbour had a brief chat with 'me' a few months ago when I was in fact in Wales, and it's playing on my mind.

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