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Hello Mr. Hancock my name is Dallas and I am a big fan of your work. What brings me here today is for reasons I hope that one day they could be true. Recently, on the Joe Rogan Experience, Bob Lazar was being interviewed about his accusations in the 80's of what he saw and worked on at S4 (subsite to area 51). In that interview he explained how he suspected that one if not some of the AAV's had been excavated on a archeological dig. Do you have any reasons to believe that this could be something of credible testimony and worth exploring?

The second part of my question is, the megalithic sites that have been discovered where we have no idea how they could have built and designed they're structures to line up with true north in which that would mean they would've to have some type of technology to figure out how to determine where the magnetic poles are on the Earth. Could you see the possibility of "Alien" technology/life has had influence on how our civilizations evolved over the course of human history? I would really love to hear a video of what your ideas and opinions are on this subject. If you have time to take out of your schedule, I understand how busy you must be, it would really be worth the time to let the world hear your thoughts. Thank you and have a bless day.

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