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Yes. Thanks, of course I have that good book! It is one being rubbished by the set hailing Richard Dawkins as their hero!
I can't recall the Nolan sisters, but will look them up.

Sheldrake versus Dawkins. Here we go again. I really like Sheldrake :)
A few years ago I did a test with telepathy online and scored correctly. I was pleased about that. I wonder if it is the one you talk about? Will look into that too. I have just got inside from pruning, and I got a lot done. Now it is dark and dinner time and a bit of TV.


grangram Wrote:
> Hi GG, Thanks for the link. I wonder if you have
> heard of Rupert Sheldrake he is looking into
> Telepathy. He is a proper scientist and set up an
> experiment with a little terrier dog to see if he
> could tell when his owner was coming home, as the
> owners family had noticed the dog would be waiting
> for its owner many minutes before she arrived,
> suggesting telepathy. Here is 2 short films one
> with Rupert
> [] short
> explanation 1.41min
> and the other a clip from a German documentary in
> which they filmed an experiment with Jaytee and
> his owner.
> []
> Jaytee experiment 5.40min
> I found it very interesting Prof Sheldrake has a
> few on line experiments which anyone can help with
> and he would be grateful for anyone's input into
> his experiments. You can do some of the tests your
> self. Do you remember the Nolan Sisters? They did
> one of his simple tests and One of the sisters was
> very good. When asked about cats he said Cats were
> difficult because they quite often they didn't
> seem to care to much unless they were hungry, but
> cat owners reported having to go to extreme
> lengths to fool their cats in going to the Vet!
> Quite often the cat would disappear when it was
> time to go? Some would, whisper, use sign
> language, write notes, etc yet the cats seemed to
> know. Lol.
> To help with experiments go to Rupert sheldrake
> .org
> and here is a clip from the Nolan sisters test.
> telephone telepathy
> [] utube
> 5.46 min

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