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Currently the case can be made for both. Although most tends to conform to the principals I had discussed in another's unrelated post today. However, there are some that I have found to be more likely aesthetic. Especially those which I have found with an obvious abstract flair. There are even a few notable common motifs which can be found on the opposite side of the globe. As far as attempting actual interpretation, I don't believe anyone can truly accomplish it at this stage. Few actually understand the principals of application and viewing to have accurately documented the actual frequency of certain commonly repeated imagery which most certainly does exist. exaggerated facial features associated with images reflective to common gender characterization. I'm certain I did not articulate all of this in the best manner but hopefully you get the gist of what I'm trying to say. I also have reason to believe that some may even be individual accounts of certain meaningful life experiences similar to entries in a diary. Sorry I don't have enough to base solid theory upon yet but the possibilities I've mentioned are formed from my observation and study of a countless number of examples. Eventually I will compile a much more comprehensible set of documentation other than what is currently only committed to memory for the most part. My learning process is much quicker due to high volume observation and memory but One cannot prolong the inevitable forever. In the meantime I am always willing to answer questions as this tends to help concentrate and culminate all the peripheral findings. Correct articulation is a very time consuming task for me as you may well have already ascertained. If you need any clarification don't hesitate to ask. Sharing the information I have is after all my main goal. Thanks for the questions and as well for your interest.

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